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Quick Facts
Program Cost -
Location - SpiritHouse Toronto Located at 487 Adelaide West, in the Heart of Toronto's KING WEST.
Duration  -
Total of 16 hours split over 4 weeks.
Age Requirement - 19+
Students Per Class - Max. of 12.
Pr-requisites -  None, although it is recommend that you successfully complete our Bartending Certification prior to enrolling into this program. It's a great introduction to bartending and mixology as a whole.
Materials Included - All in-class training materials.
Class Time and Date Options - Mon, Tues, Wed or Thurs night from 6:30 to 10 PM.



About the Program
Both guests and bar owners are demanding more of today's bartenders!
The cocktail has once again become chic, as people today are living the premium lifestyles which was commonplace at the peak of the golden age of the cocktail in the 1880's, through to the cocktail craze of the 1920’s, Martini resurgence in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and now back to what some are calling the modern age of the cocktail.

Global cocktail culture has once again adopted the 'Quality, not Quantity' mentality, as many continue to be more health conscious and are drinking less, yet demand higher quality ingredients and recipes in the glass. This has lead bar owners and managers all over the globe to demand better trained staff that are more knowledgeable, which can deliver on the demand of today's more discerning drinker.

With that in mind, TIB has delivered a new, Advanced Level Mixology program taught by our very own SpiritHouse bartenders, and be available to both existing industry bartenders, and entry level bartenders alike.

About the Program
Join a small and intimate group of 12 people for this inaugural class to perfect your cocktail mixing skills. Whether you are already a professional bartender/mixologist and want to sharpen your skills, or an amateur cocktail drinker who wants to make cocktails at a much higher level in your home bar, this is the course for you.

Students will learn a series of fundamentals based on classic cocktails, building a base to unleash your inner creativity using the methods pioneered by top industry professionals, helping you develop a finesse and knowledge of the craft you've never possessed before.

When finished, you will have the confidence, skill set and know how to apply and thrive in any type of cocktail bar with the abilities to develop your very own cocktail list, combined with the techniques to execute cocktails at the highest level possible.

About the Instructors
All our Advanced Level Mixology programs are taught by SpiritHouse bartenders. They are highly skilled in mixology as well as bartending as a whole as they've trained and worked their way up to work on one of Toronto's top cocktail and spirit bars. They are thrilled to share that knowledge with you.


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