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About the Program
This certification program focuses specifically on wines from the Ontario region through a wide range of wine topics. It's a home based self-study program that you complete on your own time, at your own pace. There is no time limit for the self study.

You will have to arrange to pick-up the training manual from our office. Once you complete your home study, you can come in anytime during our hours of operation to write your wine test. The test must be completed here at our facility. When you complete the test, we will forward it to the Wine Council of Ontario. Your test will be evaluated, and upon successful completion, your certificate will be forwarded to you by mail.

Program Outline
The Vineyard: Factors that affect wine tasting and quality
Location and Climate
The Soil
The Grapes

The VQA wine regions of Ontario
Ontario's Viticultural Areas - Niagara Peninsula; Lake Erie; North Shore; Pelee Island
The VQA and VQA Ontario (Vintners Quality Alliance)

The Cellar: Factors that affect wine taste and quality
How wine is made
The Winemaker's Art

Which wines should I choose
Sugar Codes
Wine Styles
Table Wines, Sparkling Wines, Dessert Wines, Fruit Wines, Fortified Wines
Serving Wine - The Glass, what to avoid; Serving Temperatures

Wine and food matching made simple
Guidelines for matching wine and food
Serving temperatures
Cooking with wine
Matching wine and food by creating a balance of power

Winetasting tips and themes
A suggested procedure for assessing wine
Points to observe while tasting
The wine aroma wheel
The mouthfeel wheel
Organizing a winetasting
Order of wines served
Legal framework for conducting a public winetasting

Wine and health
Moderate wine drinking and good health
Properties of wine that contribute to its beneficial effects
Wine and the mediterranean diet.

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